Business Transformation in Healthcare post COVID-19: From Recovery to Discovery (Part 4)

Q4: Do you think the pharmaceutical industry will be able to recover? If so, what are some of the most important factors to recovery?

Khun Boyd: Definitely. We have good doctors; we have innovative treatments and medicines. I believe “Innovation is the name of the game”. Also, we are well equipped with elements that will promote successful recovery. This could help boost confidence in pharmaceutical industry and allow the economy to prosper once again.

Khun Kevin: We admit that we are encountering almost unprecedented times. A critical factor in helping us to overcome this challenge (Turnaround strategy) is the creation of an economy driven by innovation. Putting the patient at the heart of all we do; delivering innovation that improves the healthcare for patients, investing in clinical trials that delivers the innovation for healthcare for tomorrow, delivering access for innovation for today, building a pharmaceutical industry and healthcare industry in Thailand; driven by scientific excellence, with strong collaboration between government, public and private partners, that is world class, can help boost the economy as a whole. These are the important factors that would help the economy recover rapidly.

Dr. Armin: The important factors that will help the pharmaceutical industry recover rapidly are innovation and continuous development. Beyond that, the current situation shows the strengths of Thailand that has managed the COVID-19 situation very well and can rely on a very strong healthcare system. This puts Thailand in a strong position to strengthen its role as a leading medical hub in the region. As an industry we have embraced new ways of working and engaging our customers, and will apply these learnings for the future as well.