Research and Development

How are new drugs discovered?
Developing a new medicine begins with understanding the disease or condition as thoroughly as possible. Basic research provides clues about how to treat diseases and potential ways to target the symptoms or underlying causes. Researchers work to understand biological targets of the drug they want to develop which can be protein, RNA, DNA, and other molecule that is related to the disease. The researcher work to discover a lead compound which is a promising molecule that could influence target and has a potential to be developed into a medicine.
      • Understand disease mechanisms.
      • Conduct basic research to obtain clues and treatment options.
      • Understand the biological targets of drugs.
      • Develop a drug from a lead compound, a molecule that will affect biological targets. And there is a possibility that it will develop into a drug.

Pharmaceutical industry With building economy and health​

Regulatory Harmonization is beneficial for both the government that has a role in monitoring pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical industry and consumer protection as previously mentioned in the drug quality articles that various ICH guidelines were first published in 2000 by academic working group consisting of experts from the government and private sector with an intention to reduce the gap between regulation and guideline to report and evaluate safety information, quality and efficacy of new drugs. This difference leads to an overlapping experimental process that is both time consuming and costly. As a result, this process delays patient access to new drugs that are more effective.

ICH process is to improve the regulatory process to be more effective, prevent the overlapping works during clinical research, and limit the animal testing to the minimum level while maintaining drug safety and efficacy. Hence, the process effectively makes use of resources. Moreover, the regulatory harmonization helps patients to gain access to high-quality drugs faster. The ICH standard is also recognized that it will give health benefits to the world population in an international standard.