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PReMA Code of Practice​

The Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers’ Association (PReMA) member companies engage in medical and biopharmaceutical research in order to benefit patients and support high-quality patient care. Pharmaceutical companies, represented by PReMA, promote, sell and distribute their products in and ethical manner and in accordance with all the rules and regulations for medicines and healthcare in Thailand.

Trust is the core of PReMA Code of Practice’s Spirit – PReMA members shall act with integrity and honesty to improve patient care and to build trust with those we serve and to respect the independence of healthcare providers, patients and other stakeholders.

In order to build Trust, there are four principles that PReMA members shall focus on – Care, Fairness, Respect & Honesty.

Effective 1st January 2019, the PReMA Code of Practice Edition 12 replaces the 2018 PReMA Code of Practice Edition 11.1. Member companies of PReMA must incorporate this Code into existing company codes no later than 1st January 2019.