Who is PReMA

“non-profit organization representing”

members who are research based pharmaceutical companies innovating medicines to combat the previously incurable and to improve on existing treatments.

PReMA works to encourage the Thai people to become a part of the international pharmaceutical research and development process creating innovation not only for our own enhanced social wellbeing and national economic benefits but also to the benefits of the world community.


Vision / Mission​

The Innovative Research Based Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry has been practicing this ethos since its conception and continues to do so as witnessed by the global coalition and unprecedented collaboration seen throughout the known world these recent days.

While the search for a new cure is like capturing lightning in a bottle; it is not beyond the reach of all of us if we come together and bring the collective intellect, wit and goodwill of the human race to bear on the prevailing common threat.

PReMA as an association of the innovative industry in Thailand, stands alongside the people of the nation and in our small way, we hope to support the global efforts as a source of facts, science and as conduit to our members that we may all contribute meaningfully and effectively to the benefit of all.

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

I trust you will enjoy your journey through our website and that you will glean benefits from what we have curated therein. I remain.

 Role & Responsibility

promoting healthier lives through scientific advancements in research and development of high quality medicines by its membersencourage compliance with ethical international standardscollaborate to support patients’ timely access to innovative medicineseducate and train related parties in public health systems.promote understanding of the benefits of intellectual property rights in the development of innovative medicines. All of which align with PReMA’s value of ”Innovative Medicines. Healthier Life”

Research and Development is the key

In order that Thai people may benefit from the scientific and technological advancements of innovative medicines equally with the rest of the world, PReMA is devoted ourselves to the support of R&D initiatives which will lead to better healthcare and greater quality of life. In turn the social wellbeing and economy of the nation will be enhanced.